Josmar Tejeda


As a business development strategist, psychological kinesiologist, and digital marketer, Josmar combines the esoteric philosophies of metaphysics and innovative business solutions to generate supernatural results for his mentees, students, masterminds, and clients. In his 8 successful years in building start-ups, Josmar noticed an overwhelming pattern that kept businesses and entrepreneurs from growth. Their inability to adapt to changes and stress negatively affected the company, resulting in missed opportunities and a decrease in efficiency, productivity, and sales has inspired him to dedicate his career to helping others overcome stress, breakthrough the noise, and produce from a place of power.

“We’ve built a mastermind of elite entrepreneurs, consultants, and coaches that have demonstrated proficiency with the theories and practices represented in Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success and Think and Grow Rich studies. We don’t just read books, we embody the principles, take action, and have the results as proof.”